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Escapada offers exclusive integrative health retreats

We Build the Perfect Healthy Holiday for You and Yours.

Book the Escapada Expert team to create the perfect holiday during your stay at ChurchTown House.

Escapada Health Retreats are a synergy of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. It forms an umbrella of Integrated Health, a lifestyle medicine that can be part of everyday life. We wish to invite people to look at their holidays through a different lens and start a conversation that matters. We may know what is good for us but often struggle with the daily application of a healthy lifestyle.


Whether it’s due to an overwhelming amount of information out there or being purely and utterly confused as to what is right for me, thats is where we want to step in and strip all confusion away in order find out what the individual needs and what is going to work for him/her. We keep things simple, timeless and easy to apply by working through four pillars:

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Everyone will have an extensive consultation to allow us to get to know each guest and that will form the basis of one retreat. The relevant information will flow through the entire expert team which allows us to advice each individual on all levels. With a maximum of 12 guests per retreat, our guest is the centre of attention with their story.


In line with our philosophy Escapada aims to give the knowledge and skills to enable better lifestyle choices in everyday life. We do have a comprehensive retreat programme, but we begin planning your retreat with you. We can design your retreat holiday around your needs.

Your Health Retreat Package

The Escapada Experience is fully inclusive combining intensive health consultation, prescription of acupuncture, yoga, fitness, diet, nutrition, luxurious massage and relaxation in exclusive locations. You will receive a pre-retreat questionnaire, so your retreat starts before you arrive. You will be supported when you go home with a post retreat health plan.

Mindful Movement

Daily Sunrise & Evening Meditation
Daily Yoga Sessions
Individual Teaching Sessions
Stunning Coastal Walks
Night meditation under the stars

Nourishing Nutrition

Delicious Seasonal Ayurvedic nutrition
Individualised Recommendations
Cooking Demonstrations & Talks
Natural Therapeutic Drinks
Escapada Kitchen Recipes & Healthy Tips

Integrative Treatments

Extensive Integrative Health
Chinese Medicine Retreat Plan
Two Acupuncture Treatments
Luxurious Personalised Massage
One Body & Mind Session according to your needs

Ultimate Me Time

Luxurious finca in the countryside
Exclusive setting & complete seclusion in nature
Time to unplug, read, sleep & rejuvenate
Onsite team looking after your every need
Visit nearby villages, beaches & sporting activities

What A Typical Day Looks Like

We would love you to join us for this exquisite retreat to nourish your body and soul regardless of age, health or fitness levels. Please note that the day schedule may change according to the focus of the retreat.

Mornings: Sunrise Meditation
8am - 9:30am: Morning yoga Practice
10am: Nourishing Ayurvedic Breakfast
11am - 2pm: Relaxation time with 1-2 hrs for consultation & treatments
2pm: Light Snack Bar
2:30pm - 4pm: Treatments / Food Demonstrations / Relaxation Time / Teat & Juice Bar / Local Excursions
5pm - 6pm: Evening Yoga Practice
6:30pm: Delicious Ayurvedic Dinner
Evenings: Varying programme from sundown meditation, communal food preparations e.g. ghee, chutneys, bread

Please contact us on so we can start creating your ultimate healthy holiday
“Health should not be just the absence of disease, but the feeling of wholeness, balance and resilience” - Co Founders


“Escapada has been an eye-opening and magical experience!” - Octavia Thompson - Vanity Fair

"A truly life changing experience, a time to reset, learn about how to look after your body and mind and get ready for the world again." — LYDIA THOMPSON, LOOK BEAUTY EDITOR

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